At the Olympics

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Re: At the Olympics

Gratulations, now you really showed your real intention. you're just jumping into threads to bash a specific camera brand, doesn't matter if it's Leica or Nikon, you can be found over the place. at least you should have realized that the photos (which are excellent btw.) were not taken with any Leica.

You're just ridiculous and pathetic.

ukat123 wrote:

Great shots. A shame they are in B&W when the world is in colour, but I suppose this is inherent to using an M9 with crappy colours. If the M9 had Fuji's colours, I guess that would be a different story and you would have published these images in colour. Now people have no other option than shooting B&W or sell the damn thing. Ooops. Leica realised recently that they are unable to produce good colours, hence the new Monochrom. This makes a lot more sense than shooting an M9. Hopefully, the M10 will be better.

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