In real life, how much better is E-M5 (vs. 1st gen)?

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Re: In real life, how much better is E-M5 (vs. 1st gen)?

rezaf_2000 wrote:

What is pushing me is that I have a few vacations planned, including a trip to Beijingin September and another to Puerto Rico in the next couple of months (plus a few domestic destinations), and even though I'm more or less happy with the E-P1 now, I'm afraid in 10 years I wish I had upgraded to the new camera to have better pictures of my possibly once-in-a-lifetime trips.

I went to Beijing in 2005, and my E300, 14-45, and 40-150 were more than adequate. It was more important to get up at dawn while our tour guides was still asleep, and tromp thru the quiet streets taking pictures of a a huge city waking up than to have the latest gear. I will say I bought that camera to take on this trip. My other camera was a compact P&S.

An OMD will give you better shots/video at the indoor shows. Also much better shots if you go to a garden at night.

BTW, I had taken 8500 shots on my EPL1 and had no plans for an EM5. Instead, I bought a refurbed EPM1 and like it. A used, heavily discounted EM5 body fell into my lap and I couldn't turn it down. I use the EM5 where it shines, at indoor events and concerts. I still use the PEN's for the daytime. EM5 is a super camera though.

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