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Re: Used Olympus equipment prices

hi, i know it is sad when we know that our lens is worth lower then what we expecting, but it is very difficult situation because it depend on the lens condition you want to sell i guess. the other reason is because olympus is not very popular brand so when you offer your lens for trade up there might be scenario that they don't want your lens but they cannot refuse since you are also a customer, so by offering small value and they hope you don't sell you ZD 9-18mm and still buy ZD 7-14mm consider that the oly user is vary rare so they might take vary long time sell olympus second hand lens.

i know it is hard for you, but if you have patient you might sell your used oly gear to dedicated forum, where you might have chance to meet with the buyer who also the direct user.. so you might have better price.

base on my experience, selling favorite olympus lens is quite easy like ZD 12-60mm, ZD 50-200mm SWD, ZD 50mm, ZD 7-14mm because their user is fanatics and these lens i known their for their quality and value, the other lens like ZD 35-100, ZD 300mm, ZD 14-35mm is for serious user which when the bought it, they really know what they doing and they will not sell it unless they really in big trouble..

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