Why Were the DP1/2 not more Popular?

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Re: Why Were the DP1/2 not more Popular?

There is only one selling point to a DP series cameras over any other brand: the sensor. (great lenses are also available from other brands)

So the problem here is: how to prove to a customer buying a camera, that the sensor is much better than the rest? the camera is slow, slow to shoot, slow to focus, battery life is poor, you must shoot raw and use SPP and etc.

In the end the regular customer doesnt want to hear about three layers, foveon vs bayer and etc.

So, if the camera was to normal standards (speed, modes, software, stabilization and etc) and having a sensor appeal to sell (if proven to be better), it would be MUCH MORE POPULAR

REShultz wrote:

I printed some pics today at 12X18 and they looked wonderful. I'm absolutely impressed by the IQ of the DP2. After coming from an EPL1-- a great camera in its own right but with IQ clearly inferior in good light-- the DP2 seems like it would have sold more than it did. I don't find the AF to be too slow but then again I'm not coming from a DSLR. The focal length is great, albeit fixed.

But people rarely seem to entertain these cameras as alternatives to the NEX, M43, Fuji X100s of the world. Why? Is it the lack of low light capability? Or perhaps the slow AF before the firmware fix? Or the lack of features?

In any case, I love the camera. The colors, sharpness, etc.

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