Lenovo Carbon X1 - could this be the best laptop for a working photographer

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Re: Lenovo Carbon X1 - could this be the best laptop for a working photographer

mswlogo wrote:

I just ordered the Carbon X1 i7 256GB HDD.

I've owned a T41p, T60, T420 and now Carbon X1.

All are still running except the T41p finally recently died.

The screen on Carbon X1 is not IPS but is said to be a step up on prior 1600x900 screens (Brighter and wider angles).

I won't buy any laptop without a Trackpoint.

You might check out the T430U much more upgradable and only 1 pound more. You might get more options on processors too.

All Ultrabooks I think are 2 Core because they all use the ultra low volt processors which do not come in 4 Core.

I was on the fence between T430U and X1 Carbon.

Not sure if T430U will get the improved screen though.

HP laptops (and desktops) are junk.

I've been lucky enough to have an X1 for about a month now (I work for Lenovo), and it is just an amazing machine. It is the only 14" machine under 3lb in the world, and it is a quite a feat to get it there. It also passes all the same durability tests and 8 mil-specs that the other classic ThinkPads do. It is tough!

The screen is not IPS but is very, very nice.

It has a trackpoint, but also has the best trackpad I've ever used. Really great, even if you just use it for scrolling, etc. (I find myself using it both ways more and more).

It has a terrific feature called RapidCharge that will take a system nearly out of battery and charge it to 80% in 30 minutes.

Terrific keyboard. Different layout than traditional ThinkPad, and in the new "island-style" keys. The feel is even better, which is a trick - most ultrabook keyboards feel like crap due to the shorter travel they have to use to get thin.

If the price isn't an issue, you won't find a better machine at this weight - it is flat out incredible and highly durable. I think it is the best ThinkPad ever, and that is saying something.

As for the T430u, I think it is a terrific bang-for-the-buck value. Adds a pound of weight, but gives you more options for storage, etc. Still a very nice box. If the weight isn't a problem, it is a nice box at a nice price.

The X1 is dead sexy though. Even my wife likes it, and she doesn't give a crap about technology!

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