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Re: drobo

I purchased a Synology 1511+ (5 disk) a year ago after researching the Drobo as well. There were too many horror stories of people losing everything with the Drobo, so I went with the Synology.

I added the DX510 (additional 5 disks) a few months later. It has now been on for 160 days continuous without a restart, during which time I have added another 3 drives. The last restart was due to an operating system upgrade (from OS 3 to 4).

Over gigabit ethernet, I get 100MB's read and writes continuous. This system has been absolutely fantastic. It controls multiple security cameras, runs my DVR for the TV, controls the shutdown of all components if there is a power outage, backs up the most important data to multiple Aluratek USB backup disks nightly, runs my web server, runs my email server, streams media remotely over the internet, backs up multiple Windows PC's, backup one Mac via Time Machine, and is currently holding 22TB's of data. I cannot think of any feature where I have not been 100% satisfied.

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