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Re: One Body, One Lens.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

This was my first thought, but only thing bugging me is missing my 70-200 when skiing, for some action shots.

One more question if I may.

Does batteries drain much faster when in extreme cold wether (like on a slope)? I was wondering if I shoud take my MD10 Battery Grip for extended life. Forgot to mention I have one for each camera.

Thanks again for your input!

I love my 70-200mmVRII and admit I do use it on the slopes, but only to photograph my kids ski racing - it is brilliant for that. In this situation I use a Lowepro Slingshot 100AW bag, where I have cut the dividing material out between the top and lower pockets. The result is a bag which takes the 70-200mm fitted to either a D700/800 or a D4 body beautifully. Snug, secure, no movement, but no room for a second lens.

So the 70-200mm is a great lens for action skiing but you need to balance this against all the downsides of travelling overseas with such a big lens. It is also awkward to really let rip on the slopes when carrying such big, heavy and expensive gear. If I'm skiing hard, as distinct from having a ski photography day, I simply carry a good point and shoot in my pocket. Your chances of a serious injury while skiing also rise substantially if you're carrying full size photography gear and you have a big fall.

I ski overseas every year, and while I always take the 70-200mm on local ski trips, I have never yet taken it overseas and have never really missed it. I just find other things to photograph or use different techniques.

I wouldn't take a battery grip either, remember keep it light. It depends of course how many shots you think you'll take in a day and how charged the battery is to start with, but if you need, I'd just carry a spare battery (in an inner pocket to keep it warm), with me.

I really enjoy photography, like most people here, but don't want to be a slave to my gear when I travel overseas. There is a lot more to a European holiday and skiing than just taking photographs.

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