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Re: Me too.

Sener wrote:

  • Better, faster interface roaming, responsive buttons and wheels (while making on-the-fly settings like ISO or Aperture and the k-5 may ignore your button-pushes and wheel-turns. For example, when I am at f/2.0 in Nikon, I know when I quickly turn the front dial 6 clicks, I am in f/4.0. But in Pentax you always have to check if it has "felt" all the 6 clicks and got to f/4.0)

That can happen with your Nikon too. My D50’s control wheel sometimes misses doing a change at the turning of the wheel, so I often find myself checking on the shoulder display whether it has actually made the change.

jonikon wrote:

I was also concerned that the K5 was a "one hit wonder" for Pentax. What would the next Pentax DSLR be like? I tested out the Pentax K7 and was very disappointed in the image quality, flash system, and AF. DPreview should get a spanking for having rated the K7 it so highly!

Erm… the Pentax K-7 is the predecessor to the K-5. Just saying.
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