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Re: Comparison with LR4 and a question

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

Zafar Kazmi wrote:

However, I did continue playing, and I have now enough experience to say that LR4 is a step ahead of current version of Capture One for processing Nikon D800E images (and I suppose most Canon and Nikons). Those who compare Capture One to LR3, are not doing a fair comparison.

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Good... all my simple mind understands, is that you just called all pros with multi thousand MFDB equipment that develop with C1 (their additional DSLRs too) and make their living publishing their pictures all over the world ...naive that don't take your advice and damp it... well guess what... they are looking for a teacher that has "played" for a few hours with it to show them (with his self judged "enough experience" who only yesterday was asking for advise on how to improve "detail" on C1 by ...SHARPENING the image (!!! oh Lord)) LR's superiority... I would suggest "keep playing" haven't played enough... and after you are tired playing... well play some more... some day you may win the game!

The simple mind strikes again! I did not say that LR4 is better across the board, I only said that for Nikon D800E LR4 is a step ahead. It is likely that this is true for other Canon and Nikon cameras, because this is the mass market that adobe is catering to. A pro may spend $40K on MFDB but Adobe still getting $150 from him. So I doubt that Adobe invests a lot of resources to optimize processing of Hasselbad and Phase One Raw files.

For the record, I did not call C-One users stupid, they are not; neither are LR4 users (who also happen to be pros).

P.S. Now that you've master it, why don't you post 2 versions (one of C1 and one of LR) of Robin's image that 4 of us have done so far, so you can show us your "mastering"?, maybe we can learn something from you about LR too...

Maybe I will, just maybe.

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