RX100 concert shot at full zoom (Clear + Digital)

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Re: RX100 concert shot at full zoom (Clear + Digital)

Gil_W wrote:

moecat wrote:

Does Sony Vegas sync the audio to video automatically, or do you still have to do it manually? I have to do it manually.

I did it manually and that's the only way to do it as far as I know.

There's a program I read about called PluralEyes which supposedly syncs audio to video. I think there's a version available for Sony Vegas. I've never used PE, though.

One more question: For your YouTube clip w/ the M10 audio, did you set the input level manually or use auto level on the M10?

Thanks for the tip. I'll look for PluralEyes.

I set that level manually. I can tell because later in the clip it's adjusted too low so I was trying different settings. I noticed today that the sensitivity can be turned up so high it picks up sounds I can't hear clearly in an ambient noise environment such as my work office. You can monitor the recording being made with headphones and I could clearly hear the surfaces of my fingertips rubbing together from several feel away. But if you're doing this, you have to be very careful or use closed over the ear headphones or the feedback howl will suddenly go deafening.

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