S100fs Around Sydney Harbour and CBD (via Silkypix)

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Re: S100fs Around Sydney Harbour and CBD (via Silkypix)

Trevor G wrote:

Midwest wrote:

The first shot is razor sharp; the others range from not quite as good to not so good. Does the S100fs have problems with focusing?

I don't think so.

Trevor might have not applied as much time to PP on some of the others, and his focus point could also play a part.

This is for Trevor to not start a wild-goose chase.

If you look at the skyscraper one with the communications (Centrepoint) tower just off-centre you will see that the transmitter mast at the top is not at all sharp, probably because I focused on the dark buildings in the lower foreground.

I'm certain he has a solid grasp on DoF, so he can quickly check if these figures make sense and thus spare himself further focus technicalities. In this case (11 mm sensor diagonal, 7.8 mm physical FL at f/4), even if the camera focused just across the street, say at 9 m or 30 ft, everything from a mere 1.6 m (5'3") to INFINITE should be in focus.

If you then look at the first Harbour Bridge shot the electric power overhead supports (catenary) for the railway are still quite sharp as they disappear off to the left in the distance.

In this case (a bit wider 7.1 mm @ f/4), even if the camera focused on an easy target say, 3 m away, everything from 1 m to infinite should be in focus as well.

They become fuzzy on the matching X10 shot...and I cannot accurately remember where I focused these, either, but I think I used the same point on all.

In this case, let's suppose the wide end of an X10 @ f/2. (Trevor probably wouldn't use f/2 in that light, but this is a shallowest DoF case just for the sake of the discussion.) He would need to have the camera focused at 3.2 m or more to get a DoF extending to infinite; 3.0 m won't do. Anyway, a VERY forgiving DoF.

I might play some more with some of them, in the final developing where USM is applied.

This was for Trevor to not start a wild-goose chase...

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