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Ok, that is fair enough, but they did disprupt the church with the performance that was taped for personal publicity and to be used as an anti-Putin statement and were arrested for it. What I thought interesting was the way Western media has exploded this story and the massive support the band has gotten from it. I was writing about how PR functions for Western supporters and here, we see videos with them singing. Even the BBC, in many of its articles, has been sketchy about the performance.

Regarding this thread being Off-Topic, I labeled it as such and do have a somewhat valid reason to post here given that there are people who follow my writing (either liking or hating it) as typically related to my m43 photography, so this is On-Topic because of this.

Sure, the thread can be erased... but there is much less worthwhile OT threads in this forum all the time.


hobo wrote:

mh2000 wrote:
Please point out my errors! I would greatly appreciate it!

I say very little about local details other than what can easily be found from all major international news services. The article is about the Western media and Western local response to the story.

I tried to remain reasonably neutral regarding what is going on inside Russia and with respect to Putin and current political/police actions. This was not the point of the article -- it has to do with my interpretation of Western reaction to the story while ignoring everything else that is actually going on.

If you are writing from inside Russia, I'd be very interested in your take on the massive Western attention this case is getting!

Thanks Hobo!

hobo wrote:

Hmmm ...

I am local - and - with all my respect to the author - the article is too far from reality. I am not talking e.g. about Sir Paul's reaction, sure thing, however, it makes sense to double check your sources.

Well, this forum is probably not the right place to discuss PR, anyway the owners can easily remove it all.

What they actually did was an idiotic 40 sec provocation in the nearly empty cathedral. No sound, no instruments, no lyrics, no light, nobody's singing etc, just invited cameramen and shocked staff around.


The rest (as shown in your article) was cooked later in the studio.

Summing up: this is a sad story, really.

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