Spooky Sony NEX-5n glitch

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Re: Spooky Sony NEX-5n glitch

I looked at the EXIF data but only so much can be gleaned from it as I'm using an old manual focus lens but the brightness value in both is minus 9.51. Not entirely sure what that is reading but I'm guess it is the brightness of the scene. If so they are lit identically. Anyway...the scene is very dim yes but not to the point you wouldn't see the difference between an exposure where the seats are showing up and one where they are dead black and they are very nearly dead black even when you crack the curve up to extreme amounts. Just the very faintest of outlines of the seats begin to appear. This is lit with a lithium ion flashlight and lithium ion flashlights are either on or off...they don't dim. I'm very confident that this can't be put down to a dimming of the room.

Please notice the second negative exposure that is superimposed on top of the primary exposure. You can see a second hand in negative of the model. What is going on here is that the camera has somehow mixed a negative of a previous exposure on top of the new exposure. Because the model is in a different position she isn't canceling herself out. The seats being in an identical position have virtually entirely cancelled themselves out. This is the problem here. Because the lighting of the seats is identical in both pictures they are entirely cancelled out when putting the negative image together with the positive image.

Anyway...thanks for your thoughts, but I now this isn't a lighting issue.

Mike Wee wrote:

Those are not the originals, and most of the metadata is lost. Try to go in the original dark picture and equalize the histogram. Is there any detail in the black areas or is it fully black?

But in any case, you are talking about 30s at F1.4 That is a minute amount of light, without calculating it, it seems like a couple of orders of magnitude less than starlight.

Who knows how the JPG noise reduction engine interpreted these very low lit scenes. It could be that the door to the lobby closed a bit. The eye would adapt quickly and it might pass unnoticed.

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