V1 - worth buying?

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Re: V1 - worth buying?

Wayne N. wrote:

Tord S Eriksson wrote:

Seriously, for wide shots I try to avoid the V1, and use my K-5, or NEX-5N (its panorama is perfect), so for my light kit, I bring my NEX-5N, with a Sigma 19, plus the V1 (with the 30-110), and often the above mentioned 70-300 VR.

Why do you avoid the V1 for wide shots? Simply because you have other (better) options? Or is there something else you are concerned about? (just curious, because I have no qualms about using the V1 for wide shots)

I think he means that the widest you can have is 28mm equivalent with the Nikon 1. For APS cameras you have everything between 180 degree fisheye and whatever you might need or wish for. 28mm is not very wide and in fact, even my 24mm equivalent is considerably wider in real life than the 28mm equivalent of the N1.

olyflyer wrote:

The V1 changed my ways of photography in one way, which is that I shoot much more video now. As a matter of fact, I even started to like the mode switch for the ease of switching between video and still images.

My V1 wants me to take more videos, because every time I take it out of the bag, the dial has switched to video mode

During my last trip I have accidentally taken 4 images, not noticed immediately that the camera was set to video. I may have forgotten to check or accidentally switched, I don't know, but I am not bothered about it. Normally I check when I switch it on.

On my last trip, finished just a few days ago, I shoot a lot of video with the V1 even though I had a camcorder with me as well. I think it is very convenient and the video as well as the sound quality is excellent. The VR and the AF is so silent that it cannot be heard even if the internal mike is used unlike the D300s, which is extremely noisy so it is useless with the built in mike.

Seriously though, the V1 is awesome for videos. I really have to keep that in mind and use it for videos more often.

Yes, the quality is excellent. I have never been interested in video but actually the V1 introduced me to it even though I have had a camcorder the last 20 years, not often used them. I have a digital full HD camcorder now but that is also not used often because I like still images more. Maybe that will change now with the V1 and will end up doing a lot of video as well in the future.

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