SSD performance question

Started Aug 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
Alex Ridgway Regular Member • Posts: 132
Re: SSD performance question

Dell offer double drive laptops (Precision range) under the business range of laptops, they are very expensive when you compare to the home range with an SSD.

Anyway to answer your questions, an SSD for your laptop will make a massive difference, in terms of app loads, lightroom (loading the images specifically). this is true is you use the second drive on an eSATA or USB3 caddy, the problem you've got is SSD drives are quite small and LR can leave quite a big footprint when it comes to temp files so assuming you're not planning on storing your images on the laptop long term you're laughing.

Personally I have an old dell studio (intel i7) I have a 120GB SSD and 8GB of ram in this and it's perfect for a mobile workstation, I clear the photos off the laptop quite frequently though (onto my NAS) in order to make sure there's plenty of space for future files.

also FYI Win7 with PS, LR and Office installed takes up about 60GB of space.

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