E-M5 unreliable AF behavior

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Re: E-M5 unreliable AF behavior

Anders W wrote:

I am serene, but fortunately, I rather than you am the judge of when I should or should not pixel peep and whether I am wasting my time or not.


About the issue you are verifying, I think something like this, if I can explain concisely: m4/3 has become quite fast at focusing, and PERHAPS they have come at some compromise by reducing the "cicles" involved in cdaf. Given the micro detail you are observing, we are at a border between "reliable" and "unreliable". If the defect is consistent, then we can think of some FW quirk (different tolerance among different focusing preferences/methods?). If it's not, then it's just tolerance. I wouldn't give back quickness for such micrometric precision: my opinion is that it isn't visible in any normal photographic use.

On a more general view, there are a couple of things Oly should fix: active focusing area should be more precise and usable, cause it's true that the "green box" is working as focusing area but it's not it by definition and logic; just like the minimum shutter speed, that works but is hidden in the flash menu...

Now, get nervous whenever you feel like.

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