Are you willing to let film die off? How do you really feel?

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Re: I shot film for 50+ years

But you will respect us younger folks who used digital long enough and early enough on to know that neither medium is better than the other, right?

DigitalMaven wrote:

Since getting the photography bug as a boy around 1950,
I have acquired and used 60+ film cameras, including a
couple of Kodak box cameras, an Argus C3, several 1960's
era Voightlanders (Vito CLR & Bessamatic), two Nikon F's,
several Canon SLRs (AE-1, A-1, F1N, etc), several Pentax
SLRs (Spotmatic and the whole M series), a few TLR's and
a Mamiya 645. They are all now sitting on shelves around
my home den/office, unused for about a decade.

I am now totally a digital shooter with a active set of
cameras that spans the gamut from several small Point and
Shooters to a few high end DLSRs. If film does finally go
away, I will have some fond memories of the many pictures I
took with it over the years, but I won't feel any real loss.

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acutely disconcerting about it.'

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