TZ30 - External Charger?

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Erik Ohlson
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Re: TZ30 - External Charger?

Beefy_SAFC wrote:

I recently bought a Panasonic DMC-TZ30 (ZS20) camera as a replacement for my older TZ7 (ZS3 I believe). I'm UK based.

The TZ30 is an extremely fast camera in terms of picture once shutter button pressed and also frames per second continuous shoot. I'm impressed.

My one gripe with it is whilst I can see the point of charging internally, without an external charger I can't charge up one battery whilst using the camera with a second battery. That's useful when away from home, allowing the camera to be with me at all times.

The battery is the same as the TZ7, however, I'm not sure what model of external charger I need. Can anyone help?

I know nearly all of you prefer the shorter zoom TZ25 (ZS15), however, the slightly greater zoom suits me. The camera IQ can't be that different, can it?

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Ian (alias 'Beefy')

Hey, Beefy,

When I got my ZS19 (TZ30 without GPS), I just took the battery out of my ZS6 and popped it into the new camera. Being in the US, I got a charger - but any charger that will fit the battery will do, and every charger I've ever seen uses both 110VAC + 220 VAC, no problem.

The ZS6 is still crying - very lonely! I love my ZS19!

I could suggest eBay or Amazon - both have batteries & chargers.

Here are some ZS19 photos, the first ones, in town, are just minutes after taking it out of the box:

Cheers, -Erik

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