Blu-Ray for backup?

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Re: Blu-Ray for backup?

I few other ways to go that no one has talked about is Cloud Storage.
Just cloud
Zip cloud
Google Cloud
being able to access the files no matter what you are on is nice also.

Some of these offer unlimited space for about $5 a month. Not too bad for SAFE off site archiving.

Or get a domain on a good hosting site with unlimited space and great FTP controls.

I have about 10TB on Bluehost in a sub-domain with just FTP access for years now.

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

Just curious how many of you other pros use Blu-Ray as a permanent backup medium.

In my current configuration, I keep data from jobs on one internal 2TB drive with an external 2TB drive as backup. However, the external drive is filling up and I'm looking to make a potential change.

One thing I'd like to do is get OLD work off of both of these drives to make way for new work. But I want it ARCHIVED, and not deleted. The high capacity (25GB) and falling costs of the media is attractive. I also like that I can just as easily create 2 archival copies as I can a single disc.

The dilemma is that I generally do not like optical media. Although I was an early DVD user, backing up and archiving to DVDs as early as late 2001, I abandoned it as quickly as I could in favor of hard drives, finding optical media to be slow, clunky, fussy, subject to scratch and damage, etc. Plus, it didn't take long for 4.7GB to really not be all that much.

What I definitely do NOT want is a return to the days where I have entire spindles of projects on endless numbers of CDs and DVDs consuming space and causing clutter. After culling and lossy compression conversion of my raw files to Adobe DNG format (which retains the raw flexibility but cuts the physical size of data down by 60%), I can generally put an entire wedding on a single standard DVD. So I figure 5 or 6 to a single Blu-Ray.

Any thoughts or experiences here? Stick with harddrives?

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