Surely this cannot be true?

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Re: Surely this cannot be true?

You are spot on.

I took D800 from B&H and at the end had to return it due to L Focus issue. And I believe B&H is much bigger store than Adorama.

Kind regards

Great British Landscapes wrote:

It's an out and out lie. And Rockwell wants you to hit his Adorama buy button to feed his starving family. He's the ultimate internet pest that just won't die or go away.

DennisV wrote:

Just read the following on Ken Rockwell's site. Surely this can't be true? It would be scandalous if the manufacturers penalise in this way those of us who support local dealers! Is there such a thing as A stock and separate inferior stock for smaller retailers?

"As usual, most of the people who have shifted focus-points, dead-pixels or other "widespread" problems are people who bought locally at retail. Your local dealer or chain lacks the volume of Adorama and other huge online sellers, so they don't get the "A" stock that Adorama does. That's another reason I buy from Adorama: they don't get stuck with the samples with defects sent out to local retail stores with a lot less buying-power than the major online powerhouses.

As a general rule, if Nikon or Canon or Sony or whoever have a few thousand cameras not quite perfect, but nowhere bad enough to scrap, they don't get sent to the top couple of dealers who sell millions and millions and millions of cameras. They customarily go to the dealers that sell only tens of thousands of cameras."

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