Text Printing with Wide format Epsons 17"

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Re: Text Printing with Wide format Epsons 17"

One of the "secrets" is that you rasterize the (vector) text to 360 or 720 PPI at the actual print size with anti-aliasing set and then print 1:1 at the print quality setting that asks for that PPI input. The usual algorithms for up or downsampling of images in applications and drivers are suited for photos and not for hard edge designs like fonts. When the driver gets exactly what it needs no resampling happens. Do not apply print sharpening either.

The better the paper quality is suited for inkjet the sharper the text. Though I have had no complaints with prints on plain offset paper with the above method. If bleeding remains an issue then limit ink in the advanced settings of the driver. It will influence the images that go along with the text though.

720 PPI usually is asked by the driver when Finest Detail or something similar is set in the driver quality settings. Not all media presets used in the driver will show that choice and printing 720 PPI input goes slowly as it results in say 2800 or 5600 DPI resolution dots laid down.

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