RX100 vs XZ-1 video

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RX100 vs XZ-1 video

I've been using an Olympus XZ-1 for a good while and pulling very decent results with it. I REALLY love it's zoom range and bright lens, but video is a bit weak. The AF is almost useless in video mode, the quality is ok but it's 720p and the files are HUGE.

I wanted to wait and see if there's an XZ-2 on the horizon, but I'm getting tired of waiting and I like what I'm seeing from the RX100. A bit pricey to just pick one up to play with, so I was looking into a dedicated HD palmcorder instead. However, something decent is going to run me around $400 it seems, so now I'm looking at this RX100 again.

Did a search on vimeo for RX100 test footage and see everything from really shaky footage that's soft with artifact... to EXTREMELY impressive footage as well. For those of you who're beyond snap shooter status and have used either prosumer or pro video gear, how does the RX100 stack up for video only?

Are the video files bloated and huge? Rolling shutter? Do the highlights streak through the frame? Does the stabilization work well?

I know someone with talent can pull impressive stills and video from just about any creative tool, so I'm not certain if the impressive RX100 motion footage is just talented shooters alone, or if this camera really does rock as a pocketable video camera. My doubt comes from the equally prolific amount of bad footage from this camera as well.

In other words... if you were cool with continuing to carry and use your Olympus XZ-1 for creative stills with a great zoom range and bright lens... but wanted much better video for travel... would you buy a dedicated camcorder in the $500 range? Or, would you buy an RX100?

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