Canon t4i 18-135 STM - Anyone buy from this place?

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Re: Canon t4i 18-135 STM - Anyone buy from this place?

I saw the same price and placed the order for the combo body+ 18-135stm lens. With over 100 reviews even if some were inflated I couldn't find much int he way of BAD reviews. An extra $150 might not be much to most people but that's almost the cost of the new 40mm pancake lens! Figured I could always dispute the charges with the CC company. I'm expecting the camera tomorrow but here's my experience so far.

disclaimer I saw from some of the reviews that this one one of the shops that tries to sell add-ons post sale, so I expected at least that much going in

1) Placed the order on Sunday, instead of the order going thru automatically I received an email that I need to call to confirm my order. Again based on some of the reviews I expected it's just a sales tactic to pad the bottom line.... I wasn't disappointed.

2) Got on the phone with someone, they suggested a couple of add-ons including 3rd party warranty. I politely declined and the guy wasn't overly pushy about it just moved on to confirming the billing details.

3) THEN I was told that there's a 6% handling surcharge, increasing the price from $1049 to about $1,110

4) I told them that was bullsh_t and wasn't specified anywhere on the site during ordering. After some back and forth looking at their terms and conditions the statement the guy was referring to was

" Please note** for certain large screen LED/LCD and plasma TVs, a separate insurance charge is mandatory, and will be calculated based on the item value, weight, dimensions, and your zip code. You will be contacted after checkout to be notified of the amount.

5) After he agreed that this didn't say anything about cameras, he said that they had only been selling cameras for a couple months and hadn't updated the site to reflect their camera policy.

6) He did, however agree to "waive" the handling fee because it wasn't specified and the camera was sent off the same day. FedEx shows it arriving tomorrow.

So assuming they didn't spit on the sensor or something I should have the kit tomorrow for $150 less than the list price. I'll take the extra savings to buy the 40mm pancake lens I'll update you guys on weather the camera showed up OK or not..

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