Surely this cannot be true?

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Re: Surely this cannot be true?

jcb9001 wrote:

I used to read Rockwell, albeit with a grain of salt. But the dude has gone completely nuts in the last few months. I mean even more than he used to be. First it was his unreasoned and just plain incorrect comments about the "benefits" of using film. That was all just to get ad kickbacks from that lab he uses. Now this nonsense about local retailers. It's now painfully obvious that his sole purpose for having a web site at all is only to direct traffic to adorama and B+H, and amazon.

As if that's not bad enough: I went to his site to see the article first hand. It has indeed changed, although not in spirit. Imagine my shock when I clicked the back button on my browser to get back to DPReview, and instead I stayed on Rockwell's page. I looked at the back button history, and sure enough it is stacked a mile high with Every time you click on back, he gets another hit, and it's actually impossible to get back to where you were.

Sorry Ken, but I'm done with you. You'll never get another page view from me again. I strongly urge others to do the same.

Agree - I went a atep further and called Nikoin Public Relation to make them aware of his libelous statement. As other's have said, driving site traffic by posting goofy opinions is one thing - this crossed the line into libel/slander against the big camera companies and local dealers. I hope they do something to this tool about this!

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