I have a 50mm lens, should I get a 35mm or 28mm?

Started Aug 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
HarleyFrank Regular Member • Posts: 241
Re: I have a 50mm lens, should I get a 35mm or 28mm?

I would suggest the wider the better. You are not too far from your 50MM with the 35MM and the 28MM gives a definate difference. The other choice is a 30MM. I agonized over the same question and opted for the 28MM. But of course, your application is going to provide the best factors in your choice. I have a crop camera so the 28MM is my "normal" lens and works well for group functions and some landscape. And the 50MM for portraits. I went for the highest speed I could afford...f1.8 for the 28MM and f1.4 for the 50MM. If I didn't want the fast glass I would have been happy with the 18-55 zoom. So look at less than $400, but likely more than $300. Just my two cents.

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