Zeiss Contarex and Rollei Lenses on NEX 5N amazing!

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Zeiss Contarex and Rollei Lenses on NEX 5N amazing!

Back in the day, I collected full sets of Zeiss Contarex and Rollei 35mm SLR lenses and bodies. The camera bodies were ridiculously over-engineered, heavy, cool looking, and not terribly practical. The lenses were absolutely superb.

With the growth of digital photography, I put my Zeiss and Rollei equipment in a cabinet and closed the door. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of those beautiful examples of German optical and mechanical design, and I figured they'd just gather dust, take up space, and lose value until I died and my kids sold them for pennies on Ebay.

So, a couple months back, I became aware that Sony NEX has peak focusing, a high quality EVF, and a decent-sized-tho-not-full-frame sensor, so I bought a 5N and an EVF. I got an adapter for Rollei QBM lenses, and I finally received a Kipon Contarex-Nex adapter from Hong Kong on ebay.

Oh, man. I'm sure many of you know this, but these lenses are crazy sharp, easy to manual focus, and produce amazing images. The Contarex lenses, in particular, are phenomenal. And the Rollei lenses, Zeiss made, incredible glass, are fantastic. Even the Japanese Rolleinar lenses (I've got the 21mm and 28mm) are quite good.

Contarex still fetch high prices, but the Rollei mount SLR lenses might be found for fairly reasonable amounts. If anyone is looking to use legacy lenses on NEX, I highly recommend checking out these 'antique' German marvels.

Now, of course, when Sony finally makes a Full Frame mirrorless with peak focusing and a high quality electronic viewfinder, I will be the first to buy it. The technology must be in place for such a camera. What's keeping them from making one? Is it just marketing?

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