V1 - worth buying?

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Re: V1 - worth buying?

Tord S Eriksson wrote:

Jord wrote:

I'm a Nikon user already but for pro level SLR's but wanted a small compact camera I can carry around on holiday ect. I currently use an Olympus XZ-1 with the optional viewfinder which is a lovely compact but I think I'd prefer a built in viewfinder and better low light - above 800 iso the Oly really struggles.

So has anyone got the good the bad and the ugly on the V1 - my main needs are portability - I've got a D4 and a D700 if I wanted to lug them about.

I didn't believe the V1 would affect my ways of photography, but it sure has! I bought one for my wife, but she switched to an OM-D, so I got the V1 back!

For pictures I used to rely on my Pentax K-5, plus a Sigma 150-500 (or similar prime), I now rely totally on my V1, adapter + 70-300 VR, a glorious combination!

For true 400mm shots, I either use NEX-5N with a Nikon 400/5.6, or a Pentax 400/5.6, both very old, and very sharp, or with the V1, which doubles their focal length, approximately!

Seriously, for wide shots I try to avoid the V1, and use my K-5, or NEX-5N (its panorama is perfect), so for my light kit, I bring my NEX-5N, with a Sigma 19, plus the V1 (with the 30-110), and often the above mentioned 70-300 VR.

A three kilo camera kit is the limit, for me, nowadays, so the K-5 stays at home, most of the time, as does the Sigma 150-500.

But the V1 goes where-ever I go!

Right. ...and in fact, you can take images with the V1 your wife, or you with the other cameras cannot. That is, when silence is required or expected in your environment or if you want to take images undetected or without disturbing others.

I think the silent shutter is a very nice feature. I don't know about you, but I was initially against the electronic shutter and always used the mechanical because it gave me a sort of confirmation that I have taken an image, the same way an SLR gives you the acoustic confirmation. So for the first one or two months I almost exclusively used the mechanical shutter but now I have switched and since a few months I almost never use the mechanical shutter. It feels really nice and the only reason I find the mechanical shutter necessary is the flash sync speed.

The V1 changed my ways of photography in one way, which is that I shoot much more video now. As a matter of fact, I even started to like the mode switch for the ease of switching between video and still images. On my last trip, finished just a few days ago, I shoot a lot of video with the V1 even though I had a camcorder with me as well. I think it is very convenient and the video as well as the sound quality is excellent. The VR and the AF is so silent that it cannot be heard even if the internal mike is used unlike the D300s, which is extremely noisy so it is useless with the built in mike.

In my opinion the V1 is still the best available mirrorless camera for travel and for ordinary family pics and video footage. Yes, for UWA it may not be the most optimal and I do miss the wider angle I can get with the D300s and occasionally also the narrower DOF, but for most people that's not an issue at all since most people, especially in family pics and travel memory shots, want deep DOF and seldom need wider angle than the 28mm (FF equivalent) available.

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