Opinion on SLR/n vs other options

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Re: Opinion on SLR/n vs other options

For raw handling my favorite software is UFRaw. I think it handles the SLR/n files and everyone amazingly. In my test with Olympus E3 files, Capture one 4 and UFRaw were the best. Even though I bought Lightroom 3, I still like UFRaw for Raw conversion and its free.

Odd thing though is the wavelet denoise algorithm doesn't seem to work with UFRaw with SLR/n files. So noise remove must be done else were. There I use Topaz.

The other solution with SLR/n file is to convert to DNG with the adobe free DNG converter tool. For some reason this works better than the conversion straight in lightroom. Then play with the DNG file in lightroom, UFRaw, lightzone or Raw Thereapee.

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