Clearviewer and RX100

Started Aug 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
HankK Regular Member • Posts: 389
Clearviewer works great on RX100

I have a Clearviewer that I had been using on my NX200. I have tried it on my RX100. It works GREAT! I want to leave it on all the time because it allows you to see the image so much better for composition. It even works in the sun. It also allows you to hold the camera up to your face which for me improves camera stability.

The one thing, is that if you leave it on the camera, it adds just enough bulk that it does not fit in my RX100 belt case. It does fold flat and has a nice felt stop to prevent scratching of the LCD. I still need to solve this small case related problem so I can keep it on all the time.
Hank K

Nikon D800E, Sony RX100, Samsung NX20 (former 5DM2, GH2 Kit, and Fujifilm X100 shooter)

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