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Re: DP2m ISO test

I just redid a test with my Olympus E3 and I am wrong.

I had it backwords. The older chip style is really good at set ISO, compared to pushed. The ISO 100 shot I took pushed to ISO 1600 has crazy banding. The ISO 1600 shot is no where near as bad. Thus the camera must be profiled to know that when you set the ISO to 1600 or +4, to apply corrections for vertical banding. Interestingly though the main difference was vertical banding. So the 100 pushed up had vertical color banding in 1600, 3200 and 6400. The camera set at ISO 1600, 3200 (6400 not available) has weak horizontal band but no verticle banding. SO a profile for the camera must be applied in camera to correct for this.

Interestingly though my ISO 800 shot and my ISO 100 shot pushed +3 look the same, except there is a hair more detail in the pushed shot. So with Post I could actually get a better image out of under 3 shot at ISO 100 than selecting ISO 800.

I think the new cameras now can be pushed more as the sensors are better and the in camera correction may not be so strong. As I have seen the Sony sensors (including the one in the OMD) pushed up 5EV with little banding at all.

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