Another pro photographer with no business sense

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Re: Another pro photographer with no business sense

Biggs23 wrote:

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

Chuck Lantz wrote:

The less they are willing to pay has a direct, and unavoidable, relation to how much they will complain about the finished product.

And you can carve that in stone.

Yes you can. And I'll expand on that... the less they are willing to pay reflects how they are RESENTFUL what they are paying. The thought isn't that they got a great deal... it is, rather, that the deal was not good enough.

I have experienced this time and again. This season has been no different. The client that worked the hardest for the lowest price had made me work harder than any other client.

So very true! It's amazing how that works and to an outsider without any experience it seems backwards. The reality is exactly that though, those that work you the hardest for a deal will work you the hardest after the deal as well. All the more reason to target the upper part of your local market and do your best to avoid the low end even if it provides more volume.

Solid points. Now many here just need to focus on that and not worry about the MWAC and others who decide to take that business instead.

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