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Jacek Dolata
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Re: Thank you for your input!

Thank you Dabbler.

I will stick with g12 for now. just for fun/vas, besides all my Canon flashes, trigers work with this small cam. I am not looking into larger vac cam. I still have 5dmk3 and 7D if I want to bring HQ photos home.
Thank you!

Dabbler wrote:

Nice G12 shots! I think the larger sensor in the X10 would produce better IQ, especially if you let EXR downsample to 6MP. The X10 is probably not the best camera for kids running crazy shooting. The viewfinder has no focus indicator and the focus speed is not spectacular. If you use the LCD indoors you'll be fine but I wouldn't rely on the LCD in bright sun. The fast f2.0-2.8 lens does help for indoor work though.

The Nikon V1 works great for catching kids in motion, the focusing is wicked fast. The zoom lenses aren't the fastest f3.5 at widest but you can get an F2.8 10mm (27mm in 35mm parlance) pancake.

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