Nikon DL5100 Micro lens

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Re: Nikon DL5100 Micro lens

First - there's no problem using FX lenses on DX cameras (the issue is when the camera is FX & the lens is DX!) You will only use the central portion of the lens - and that's usually the sharpest.

You ask about macro lenses (you say micro, but I think you mean macro - please ignore if I'm wrong). I don't think that either of the lenses you mention are specifically designed for macro photography. Yes they will focus close, but that's not the only criterion. I think that they will both suffer from the same disadvantage - you will have to get too close to the subject - maybe even touch it. Most people look for a longer focal length so that they can have the same amount of magnification from a greater distance - typically from around 85/90mm focal length & upwards. This is where, of course, things start to get expensive, particularly when the lens is Nikon branded. Have you considered any alternatives? I use the Tamron 90mm f/2.8 and find that it is a very good lens - very sharp & high image quality - and relatively inexpensive. There are other similar lenses if you expand your search parameters.

Good luck in your hunt.

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