Any OM-D owners using Leica glass?

Started Aug 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Any OM-D owners using Leica glass?

I've been using a 50-R Summicron both on OM-D and (previously) on E-PL1, with a Metabones adapter. It's much more usable on the OM-D because of the viewfinder and IBIS. I don't find focusing too much of a problem since I have the F2 button mapped to show me a magnified view, but I am always grabbing at the wrong thing when trying to change aperture, probably because the adapter is a big hunk of metal too. IQ wise it's better than Olympus zooms, but I have a feeling when I buy the 45 1.8 I will stop using the Summicron.

Here's a recent shot of USS Texas taken with the OM-D

Same lens on the E-PL1, last year in London

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