Adobe DNG - Revisited

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Re: Adobe DNG - Revisited

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

Now that some time has passed, I want to return to the subject of the newer lossy compression version of Adobe DNG.

I still really like being able to cut file sizes by 50% and more. And I really like being able to embed the parameter files. So far, I havn't seen any image quality issues.

My practice has, to now, been to work with standard raw files for initial conversions, and then, once the assignment is finished and the obligation for the client completely fulfilled, convert the raw files to compressed DNG format for archiving.

I am considering, however, running the conversion to DNG at the beginning of the process rather than at the end. I do a lot of sorting of image files into project sub-folders, and this would save a LOT of redundant action to be able to do it on the front end before the set is culled and sorted. Before I do, I want to make sure that I don't overlook something.

Other than issues of compatibility, have any of you using it encountered any disadvantages? I use ACR 7 and Lightroom 4. No chance of using anything else, so compatibility is not an issue.

Thanks for your input.

I have been using DNG since its inception without any problems. My workflow is a bit different, inasfar as I don't convert to DNG till I have made changes to the file in Lightroom. This is usually after applying the lens correction & any other batch corrections I make. This helps me as I know that I have worked on the DNG files, & not on the camera maker files. Also, there are no .xmp files to lose as no changes have been made.

I don't know how you save 50%. I usually save about 25% on Canon files. The very odd occasion where I have run out of memory and use a smaller raw format in the camera, changing to DNG actually increases the size of the file>

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