Focusing infinity with 12-50mm. Is it possible?

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Re: Focusing infinity with 12-50mm. Is it possible?

1943Mike wrote:

I don't want to sound as if you may have inadvertently left the 12-50 in macro mode but it's something to check before releasing the shutter. I've done that on mine before and wondered why nothing was in focus.

It was not in macro mode. Focal was set to 12mm (macro mode fixed it to 43 mm)

forpetessake wrote:

From your description it's impossible to understand what exactly you were doing. Did you set the camera to manual focusing? Did you switch to magnified view? Did you focus the lens manually and saw clearly the stars in focus? Did you use remote to release the shutter? Did you use the shutter speed under 5 sec or so to avoid the effect of Earth rotation?

I'll try to explain better.

All around was dark, and so was the screen. So I set the camera in manual focusing but I can't see the effect of focusing on the screen because it was dark. For this reason I didn't use magnified view too.

So I just rotate the focus ring to reach infinity focus (the direction was correct).
And then I shoot.

I could check the focus only when the photo was taken, and it result always unfocused.

To avoid star tracks due to heart rotation I used 20 seconds shutter speed; over 30 this effect is visible. Anyway I spent my time changing shutter 10 to 60 seconds, aperture and others..
The effect was always a photo unfocused.

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