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Re: Rooting. And bricking

lanef wrote:

So the simple answer is no. Simple Bluetooth file transfer denied=sad. Yes of course always workarounds (hacks, jailbreaks, emailing files) and Apple works hard to shut all doors sooner or later. Why would you do business with a company like this?

Because they make good quality product, I guess you don't know that.

All I know is the power of Apple's marketing--your dazed and confused reply is telling.

Could I send you my favorite MP3 from my Nokia and/or could you do the same?

I see you are a Nokia fan, good for you. I used to be a Nokia fan too, but I left the sinking boat, sorry and I can't see myself going back.

Hey Buckstar, I got news for you... everything will eventually be a sinking ship with tech gadgets. The i-phone 1..2...3...4...5...they all sink. Right now, the Nokia 808 is on top and I'm sure someday it will be beaten. Then I will jump ship to the best product. Who's the fan here exactly?

But your i-phone 4 is sinking as soon as i-phone 5 hits the market.

Well my iPhone 4 is already 2 years old, so upgrading to the 5 will be easy.

But it was sinking when you purchased it--just like any device. Why is the Nokia 808 any different?

How come you call it "upgrading" when in fact you are just dumping the obsolete and sinking i-phone 4 for i-phone 5 that will eventually sink too? The power of Apple marketing over i-sheep amazing. I believe you believe...and that is what scares me.

You don't get it, but you are attached to Nokia which has been a sinking ship?
Not bright at all.

Better to buy yet another i-phone with inferior camera and video? Obsolete before it's even launched? No removable battery, bluetooth file transfer, USB, microSD and poor quality camera and video?? Again the power of Apple's marketing keeps you dazed and confused.

If you are smart enough in technology, you know when a product is good and you can always work around it.

Rationalization for jailbreaking hacks=power of Apple's stranglehold over your brain.

the closed system of Apple which I don't like,

You must be a dinosaur in technology, so you never upgrade any operating system on your PC, phone or tablet?

Not really. Take for example my last desktop computer and notebook purchase. I waited until the bugged filled Windows Vista was launched and the fully evolved Windows XP was being phased out. I then purchased a blazing fast computer (built it myself) and installed Windows XP. I haven't touched it since.

My Nokia 808's OS works fine right now and will continue to run fine until I purchase a better camphone, probably in 2 to 3 years down the road some competitor (or Nokia yet again) will catch up and beat Pureview 41 megapixel technology.

Until then I just sit tight, eat real jellybeans and ice cream sandwiches and enjoy the 808's state of the art tech.

There is no need to further that discussion with you, your technology knowledge is atrociously lacking, you just want to be argumentative but with little knowledge about technology.

But then why do you keep rambling below?

I don't buy a phone because of a camera, this is old thinking when a phone was just a multimedia device, I have a Nikon D800 and a Canon SX210iS.

But my Nokia 808 is in my pocket right now . Can you say that about your dated Nikon DSLR and Canon P&S than can't make a call? Of course are probably armed with just your i-phone 4 at the moment and the pictures you take will in fact be horrible. Sorry to report that.

Amen, I am wasting my time with such mindset, sorry you are too stuck in the past.

Your inferior i-phone 4 and/or i-phone 5 pics you take today will be an eyesore forever. That is your future. You will regret that when you are older and Apple is gone.

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