Pro vs Amateur lens buying

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Actually, no.

Weegee wrote:

Ever notice how amateur photographers always want telephoto lenses while the "pros" go for the wide stuff ( except for sports ). It's probably a bit like drinking wine. Sweet wine for amateurs and dry wine for pros.

Any of the pros I follow online and who share their collection of gear with us, seem to have a good sprinkling of telephoto lenses as well as wider stuff. They simply select the appropriate lenses for the job at hand. If they need a wide angle or a telephoto for a job and they don't have it, they go buy or rent one. It's "horses for courses" - naturally a pro food photographer is going to have a few different lenses to a pro sports photographer. And a pro street photographer will have a few different lenses and possibly a completely different camera system - (rangefinder?) - to a pro landscape photographer - (MF?).

Similarly most keen amateurs I know have a range of different lenses or camera systems depending on what they like to shoot.

So no, from my observations I don't think your thesis stands up to any decent scrutiny. Perhaps it was just a less-than-subtle putdown of amateur photographers?

Oh, by the way, some of the most expensive wine in the world is extremely sweet, think Sauternes. Chateau d'Yquem anyone?

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