Aussie Nanny Sate steals branding!

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Re: Aussie Nanny Sate steals branding!

Wheatfield wrote:

Rriley wrote:

Australia has the benefit of a public health system called Medicare. With the deaths of 15,000 Australians every year from diseases caused by smoking (not to mention the illness costs and outpatient services), its a safe bet they would prefer to clear this up as a health issue (which is as The Govt say it is) and save a tidy sum of money from the public purse.

All well and good, but with the taxes levied on tobacco (at least in Canada, tobacco is very heavily taxed, I suspect Oz is similar) smokers pay far more than what they cost the system, and tend to die younger, thereby not costing the system as much due to age related problems.

Governments are very hypocritical about tobacco. On the one hand, they moan about the health risks and put all sorts of injunctions against tobacco usage, but on the other, they have their hands very deeply in the pockets of smokers, and are practically silent partners to the tobacco industry.

Rriley's right about Medicare in Australia. It works, and it works for everyone. In Australia cigarettes are very heavily taxed, but the truth is that it costs the government--who picks up a fair part of the cost of healthcare--far more in the hospital bills of smokers than the amount of tax raised on cigarettes.

If they banned tobacco, the government would save money in the long term, but they'd lose office, because all it takes to a win any election is a small number of swinging voters in a small number of seats. The tobacco lobby would are howling like banshees at the moment and I'm sure they would fund campaigns against any politician who supported the ban.

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