Are you willing to let film die off? How do you really feel?

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I love digital. I think it is convenient, accessible and versatile. However, due to cost constraints I own an APS-C DSLR and to be fair for 99% of what I do its more than adequate.

However, I would like to dabble in FF and even medium format but to buy into such a digital system(s) is way, way beyond my budget and this is where film really comes in. A nice cheap Canon AE-1 and some Ilford film and I'm in FF heaven for just a few £. It would take an awful lot of shooting before I've spent as much on film and processing than I would on a nice FF digital camera - given how infrequently I would be using it.

Same goes for medium format - £20 for a nice condition Lubitel - plenty to get me started. Haven't seen a Phase 1 back for £20, not even on ebay.

I grabbed a Minolta X700 with 35, 50, 85 and 13d lens for approx $200. Slapped in some Ilford FP4 and voila...who says FF need be expensive. And it's nice pulling out a view camera that takes a photograph that puts a lot of digital gear 15 to 20 times the cost to shame.

And your exercise was very limiting. I took 1000 + pics last weekend and viewed them all in no time. What would that cost you.

Probably would have used a fews rolls or maybe a half dozen sheets of film instead...and thought about what I was doing as opposed to spraying everywhere on full burst.

The part that confuses me is why some people seem to get almost angry that film is still around.

Not as angry or verbally abusive as the few here seeing it the other way.

I think we've explained oyrselves well. It looks pretty childish to say things like "it can't die quick enough"...when he doesn't even use film anynmore. It's as though the fact that some people use it bothers him. So, it would be a pretty odd position to support his reasoning over someone that says more choice is better.

Comments like 'it can't die soon enough" are simply ridiculous.

Not as mean as the trolling comments or the "simple minded" remarks in an attempt to character assassinate.

It is simplke minded. Step back and read his comment..."Can't die quick enbough.". That comment cannot be backed by any logic.

Why do they care what some people use? Are they insecure? Do they think being at the forefront of tech makes them more important?

You should be able to easily answer that. Not being disrespectful but the irony in your question is hard not to notice.

I know why...he is insecure and narrowminded about what goes in to creating art.

I was just enjoying an article in this months Popular Photography called "Film Lives.". Goes into how many people are discovering film for the first time, and use it for it's unique characteristics, and how it differentiates them. Of course, it makes perfect sense that some in this forum wish film dead so that these people who enjoy it are dprived of that enjoyment. Feel free to explain that logic to me.

I'll tell ya this...when I'm out in public with a huge DSLR, no one cares. Take out my Mamiya RB67 or 4x5 gear and a lot of eople come up and ask questions, tell me it's cool, etc.

Same when I see someone driving a model-T. It's nostalgic and interesting. Don't want to drive on far inconvenient. It's still a beutiful thing and enjoyable conversation piece....the vast majority have rusted away though.

Bad I can produce resullts with my RB67 that will match the best from Canon for 1/10 the price.

Let the odd narrowminded person here worship their Nikon D3...nobody real takes notice of them anyway.

There you go again with the anomisity. At least no one said....

" Let the odd narrowminded person here worship their Mamiya RB67...nobody real takes notice of them anyway other than to as an anomaly"

I don't actually think that but your tone is always so adversarial and neagtive that I wonder the cause. Good luck though....Not really possible to see your film examples here but I'm sure they might be nice.

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