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As I've pointed out to other newbies (to other fields of work)

You need to fully describe YOUR requirements and then compare them (or have a MS Access guru) compare the requirements to the capabilities.

A MS Access knowledgeable person may also be able to walk you thru better defining your requirements... an error, omission or oversight could lead to a selection/decision to proceed with a tool too capable or lacking features.


will this "system" be implemented on and accessed by a single user, single computer?
Multiple users on the single computer?
single user but multiple (networked) computers?
multiple users from multiple(networked) computers?

If multiple users or computers, will their access be at distinct different times, or, do they need to be able to access the system concurrently?
Will there be a need to access the information from "remote" locations?

If so, will it be via dial-in to the business computer or access across the internet?

If the system is connected to the internet, how will it be secured from inappropriate access? long passwords? VPN?

I do suggest you also start by identifying whatever commercial products are available that might meet some of your needs... Talk to each, and ask each vendor who they view as their competitors, what their strengths and weaknesses are. Then talk to those vendors too. Develop a matrix of all the features so you can see the gaps of each vendor's products. Now you might have a nice list of features you'd LIKE in your home grown MS Access system...and decide whether it;s worth reinventing the system to meet your unique business needs...or maybe better to bend the business to work with the features and limitations of a commercial package.

I could continue...

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