Are you willing to let film die off? How do you really feel?

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Turn the tables

edu T wrote:

Now, would this situation be worse than how your own posterity may yet have to cope with the current (2012) infestation of proprietary/partially encrypted (and sometimes sensor/model-specific) RAW formats?

I don't it a real issue as the standards have evolved and archive standards are for more usable now. Best way to preserve film...lock it away where few can see it.

I lost all my old photos in a flood....My digital work won't suffer from's even fire proof.

That would be a leap of faith compared to "Please be aware that your floppy discs are very old now and that we therefore cannot guarantee that your old disks will be technically readable at all." ( , a transcribing service.)

Anyway, you can see what I was talking about above was data preservation across biological --not technological-- generations.

What makes you think it would be easier with film. With digital, there is chance for us to find old floppy diskette drives, or even controller cards or whatever in junk shops, etc. At least I can find them here in our country. 20 or so years from now, where in the world will you go when the labs that print film no longer exist? Now you are holding a negative with nowhere to go. You will now have to digitize them, ergo go to the process of now keeping the digital files, which you have shunned in the first place.

In our country, which is a 3rd world one, the film based printing labs are slowly being sold to the province. And even there, film is weakening for the simple reasons:

1. No more film cameras. All cameras are digital, hence printing even in the provinces are becoming digital
2. Films are more expensive. it will not be sustainable.

3. In our country there is a developing fee aside for a per print cost. Not so in digital.

4. Film has a negative social stigma. Think in a party, or event where you are still holding a film camera and someone asks you to see the shot after it was taken. What is the film camera to show? There is no LCD. You'll be the laugting stock, even if film is cheap.

5. More embarassment as you try to explain that your 36 shot roll is done and you no longer have extra rolls.

You forget that what you have now, and in the past that is film is probably something you can sustain even keep. But if the future output is digital, there is no way around it. You are just making it difficult for yourself to capture images of today and tomorrow.

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