Are you willing to let film die off? How do you really feel?

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RedFox88 wrote:

Let photographers choose the medium they want. It is childish for the user of one medium to wish another medium is killed off. You sound like an 10 year old.

You just twisted words here...I see no "wishing" while you accuse him of acting as a 10 year old. Again, a common thread in the thread.

sjgcit wrote:

It's dead. Digital works. It's easier, it's cleaner, it's faster, it's cheaper ( when you add those developing costs ) and it provides features that a film camera could not do.

Since when is the fastest, cleanest method the best method?

When one prefers the cleanest fastest method obviously.

And there is debate on the "cheapest" because a pro 35mm digital SLR will cost you $6000 to $8000. Where I can get a pro film SLR for maybe $400 now. How much film and film processing would I need to go through to rack up $6000 in more costs? A hell of a lot!

I just took my 19,673th picture on a single one year old body. What would it cost you to develop and look at that many pics? I'm showing approx $8,402 in my area to get a negative for each.

You'll "replace" your dSLR before I spend $6000 on film related costs.

You don't take many pics then.

As Tree Beard says "anything worth saying is worth taking a long time to say". Same can be said for photography. Anything worth photographing is worth taking the time to do it using the medium of choice.

Well said

Film and digital sensors are medium choices neither of which is better than the other.

Not ways film is ways digital is better

They are different just as carving from marble is different than carving ice or granite. They are different and each is appreciated for how they are.

Agreed and I hope you many great photographs going forward.

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