Has digital really advanced that far.

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I mix Canon 7D, Nikon D700 and Nikon F5 with Fuji Pro 400H in every wedding album I produce. I find if clients prefer anything, it's more the film shots.

Digital has come a long way, but not so much that it really makes a difference.

In that regard then...film too never really progressed and why it's now more of a nostalgia thing.

When's the last time you exposed film and scanned it? Please tell.

Long time....no longer any need for me personally. All my stuff was limited to 35mm and digital means no reason to go back.

Then maybe you should not give statements about film if you admittedly are very out of the look to current products, eh?!

Why, I still go to shows and actively participate. I simply no longer shoot film. Can only someone who shoots film have an opinion as related to the topic here?

100 speed film of 30 years ago might be about 400 speed now as far as resolution and grain size. Film has improved and continues to improve. Kodak's T-grain emulsion is wonderful!

Sure, but the improvement really isn't any where close to a big leap and really just meant to fill a small niche that is well served by still trying to compete with digital.

You said film never progressed, I inform you that it has and now you are dismissing that.

Perhaps I should say the current advancements in film are relatively minor and small if taken in context of the photography history as a whole. The resent jump is tiny in comparison to the leap made in digital imagery in the same time period. You can even buy a camera that requires no focusing now and do it in PP.

Be man enough to admit you were wrong instead of furthering to not have an open mind.

Wrong in what way? Be man enough? Why the character attack? You have not demonstrated I am fundamentally incorrect. Are you saying the the advancements in film in the last years is industry changing and film is on the verge of making an enormous comeback? I really do not think so as market share is still declining. It is indeed still a fine medium but an increasing scarce one. The Brick and mortar shop I frequently spend time in has seen an almost 50% drop in film sales in just the last 2 years. There is only one other store left to get medium format in a city of 400,000. The other thread here on the subject suggest NYC might be doing better but it seems isolated.

There won't be much "discussion", as these are discussion forums, if you are close minded on this subject.
Close minded in what way? What have I missed.

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