Are you willing to let film die off? How do you really feel?

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If you find photos on digital storage from 10-15 years ago, good luck trying to get those files back.

My oldest digital image files are just over 10 years old - back to my very first digital image. Somehow they made their way onto redundant 2TB HDDs! I have some DOC and TXT files dating back to 1986 (still readable) and they somehow found their way onto my windows 7 laptop!

That's because you've been constantly very diligent with your files for 26 years. But let's just suppose tonight you discover, inside a shoebox in the basement, a nice bunch of letters and poetry from 1986 that your late and beloved grandfather left recorded, unbeknownst to the family, on the removable media of choice back then… 5.25" floppy disks. THEN you'd need luck!

Why, there are a number of sites that do this and I can do it at work.

And that's only about the physical survival of the (already then) precarious magnetic medium and the present availability/connectivity of reading devices.

Very easy to retrieve still.

You'd still need to worry about information encoding/formatting: hopefully your grandfather was writing using at least Word for DOS, not WordStar for CP/M or WordPerfect for Atari TOS.

Not required as you can simply go at it with a hexadecimal editor or machine language compiler...yes?

Now, would this situation be worse than how your own posterity may yet have to cope with the current (2012) infestation of proprietary/partially encrypted (and sometimes sensor/model-specific) RAW formats?

I don't it a real issue as the standards have evolved and archive standards are for more usable now. Best way to preserve film...lock it away where few can see it.

I lost all my old photos in a flood....My digital work won't suffer from's even fire proof.

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