Nikon Warranty and Repair Question

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Re: Nikon Warranty and Repair Question

REBlue wrote:

The problem is even more frustrating in that previously, you had the option to avoid direct dealing with Nikon and submit your equipment to Nikon-authorized repair facilities. Nikon has now eliminated that option on new lenses under the 5-year warranty, even though the odds are high that when you send in a warranty repair, you're going to get the "impact damage" nonsense.

They eliminated the option because the independents would probably TELL THE TRUTH (that it is NOT impact damage but a defect). Then Nikon would have to foot the bill when it's more to their advantage to claim impact damage, then they are out nothing and reap a nice profit for repairing their own defective equipment.

I own a D700 and two Nikon lenses and a Nikon mount Zeiss, but after reading about experiences dealing with Nikon repair problems, including my own, I'll probably be switching brands next time around.

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