Lightroom 4 - Getting into PP (RAW to JPG)

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Re: Lightroom 4 - Getting into PP (RAW to JPG)

bencho wrote:

As for adjusting the sliders... is it possible to do that with anything other than the mouse? I tried clicking on the slider and using the arrow keys but it didn't appear to work. It'd allow me to make more granular adjustments than with my mouse.

Two ways.

If the UI is visible, you can Tab/Shift-Tab through the fields like in any other program until the number you want is highlighted. Once it's highlighted, you can press the up/down arrow keys to adjust the value. The amount varies based on what makes sense for that individual control. If you want to amplify the amount, add Shift.

For the Basic panel, you can adjust any slider with the - and + keys on the main keyboard or your numeric keypad. To switch to a different slider, press the , and . keys (also seen as the keys, but without pressing Shift). This ability means you can edit when the controls are not visible, e.g. if you have hidden the panels to maximize screen space, like on a laptop.

Also, in the Library, the imported files show up in a folder named the same as it is "On Disk". These should be referencing the actual RAW files and their location. How does that differ from the "Collection" ? How can I create subfolders in the "Collections"?

I use collections any time I would like to create a project where the files need to come from multiple folders, since collections are purely virtual. You couldn't do that with real files without making space-wasting duplicates of them.

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