Canon EOS 5D MkIII Sensor vs. Nikon D800 Sensor

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Mikael Risedal
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Re: Canon EOS 5D MkIII Sensor vs. Nikon D800 Sensor

but d700 lacks the banding as in 5dmk2 or 5dmk3, Canon have tried to hide the 5dmk3 banding compared to 5dmk2

just Tony wrote:

gl2k wrote:

Underexposing for 5 stops is not what we do on average.

I don't underexpose the average , just the shadows . Sometimes you want to recover visible detail in dark areas and this works better with the D800 vs the D700. The dynamic range curves of the D700 and 5D Mk III are pretty close to each other but not the D800.

But if my lenses were all Canon then I'd have a 5D Mk III and I'd love it, after making the efforts to work around the limitations. Just like I did with the D700.

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