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Re: FZ200: A case of multiple personality disorder?

I see nothing wrong with a highly versatile camera. Have had my FZ150 for a while and love it, but only use about 1/3 of its features, but that is because I like to have more personal control, and shoot mostly RAW and post process. I don't mind though that the camera is capable of producing very good (above average) point and shoot images for people who don't want to be be bothered with post processing. That is fine for them. The ability for extensive manual control and image refinement is great for me. So they produce 1 camera that appeals to 2 distinct customer bases along with a variety of individuals between the extremes. Nothing wrong with that in my mind as long as they don't compromise my control.

Multiple personality disorder? I don't think so, just a camera that can adapt it self to many different photographers, or in other words, versatile. I can take my camera and put in a family members hands and they will still get a snapshot they will love without thinking about it or messing with controls.

Just my 2 cents worth. As far as IQ, well that is an incremental thing. We have come so far in the last 10 years (and most people don't realize it) yet as sensor and other technical capabilities improve they also scale up to the larger sensor cameras as well so I don't compare. Each year though, the companies seem to push the boundaries of all sensors a little further, but the lows of physics always apply and a larger sensor (with larger lens) will always produce better quality until such time as the differences can no longer be visually detected. The FZ150 was already king of the hill of small sensor 1/2.33 super zooms and the FZ200 may succeed in maintaining that crown, we just don't know yet. Larger sensors, if implemented properly will still do better, much larger sensors will do much better.

After all, there are no rules that say you have to use everything the camera has the capability to do. Use what fits you and ignore the rest. The end is always the image, not the features of the camera. The question is always what IQ you can settle for in your images and at what price, size and weight point.

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