TG-1 is a sales failure

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Re: 3 things dissuade me from buying TG-1

karlwitt wrote:

I just got back from Best Buy. I sent my TG-1 out for the ticking noise and after 2 weeks they had me come and get a new one. I owned the camera over there 30 day return for Best buy so I think it was a manufactures exchange.

Does your new TG-1 still make the ticking noise in video?

Here are some other comments I saw:

"I did have some funky flashes of pink through some videos... autofocus delay about a second." [B&H review]

"What is wrong with the video? It looks absolutely awful. Grainy. Focus jumping all over. Hands down the worst of the lot." [Gizmodo review of 4 WPs]

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